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Tips on choosing your Portable Massage Bed

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Portable Massage Bed

Tips on choosing your Portable Massage Bed

How to set up your Portable Massage Bed ….

Portable Massage Bed

There are many different styles and options to consider when buying your portable massage bed .Maybe a few USEFUL HINTS AND TIPS might just help your choose what you need to suit your therapy. Most importantly the portable massage bed is your investment .. Choose wisely !

 1, Will the bed be suitable for your practice and therapy?  Does the bed do what you need it to do?

  2. Does your therapy require that your clients sit up during a treatment? If so, then you will need an adjustable backrest.

  3. Does the bed offer height adjustments? This will save your back and allow you to work at the correct height. Every client is different.

4. Will your bed suit all body sizes, short and tall? Here you will need an extendable face cradle and arm rests for those wider clients.

  5. Does the bed feel sturdy and how much weight will it handle?

  6. If the bed has an adjustable backrest can it adjust to many different angles or just one or two?

  7. What is the general appearance of the bed?  Quality is not difficult to spot. Look for alignment and neat workmanship.

Luxmaster Portable Massage Bed


  8. Do you receive a carry bag with the bed?  How easy is the bed placed into the carry bag and is it strong? Can it be used over your shoulder as a sling bag?

  9. What about the carrying weight of the bed … Is it light enough to carry and what if you are a small therapist?  Weight can be a real problem as many portable beds are rather heavy and bulky to carry.

 10. Ask about your warranty ….. is there one ?

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