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Salon or Spa Beds – Differences ?

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Salon or Spa Beds – Differences ?

Salon or Spa Beds?

Should you be looking at different features or functions in choosing you Salon or Spa Beds. Well its all about making sure that your bed not only looks good , but does that job that you need it to do and of course it needs to be reliable.

Your profession will dictate your choice and most therapists know what they need. It is normally your first bed or furniture that you buy that is the hardest choice right ? After you have been in your trade for a while you just know what you need.

Most Spa beds or tables as they are often called are similar in size to fit anything from that shorter client to the longer client so you bed should have a decent top area to accommodate all sizes. Face hole shapes can vary from one manufacturer to another so be sure to choose wisely here.

If your face is uncomfortable when lying face down on a bed you will have an unhappy customer. The thickness of the bed padding should be at least 6cm thick or more as you are on that bed for an hour or more it should be super comfy and your client feels relaxed.

Not forgetting about YOU the therapist to make sure your bed is not a back breaker for you. Can you adjust the height if required or maybe it is not necessary for your function.

Lastly what about choosing a bed that looks good and fits the look and feel or your spa or salon. Do you go for a wood finish .. Light or dark wood ? Maybe you like the fresh clinical look and want a white bed and you add colour with all the accessories.

Each to her own here. Nevertheless your bed should compliment your spa or salon and it should look like you want to spend time on it. Choose wisely as there a range of suitable beds for any therapist..

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