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Vinyl Transparent Bed Cover


Vinyl Transparent Bed Cover. Elasticated to protect bed. Ensures cleanliness and hygiene for all services and protects bed against product and chemicals.


Vinyl Transparent Bed Cover

ULTRA HYGIENIC – Our sturdy Vinyl cover acts as a transparent barrier between client and table, ensuring your massage table is always protected from oils, spills and germs. It’s super easy to clean after each client, too.

GREAT FIT – With convenient tie tapes to make sure cover fits perfectly onto your table – no accidental wiggle room here! Two sizes to chose from..

IDEAL FOR ALL MASSAGE BEDS & BEAUTY TABLES – Perfect for the therapist that knows how to take care of their table and protect it with proper care.

Two sizes Available

  • 185x62cm R380.00
  • 195x74cm R410.00


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