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Magnifying Lamp without Stand


This modern Magnifying Lamp without Stand has a 3x Optical Lens for extreme clarity. The arm and neck sections are both adjustable for easy movement.

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Magnifying Lamp without Stand

This modern Magnifying Lamp has a 3x Optical Lens for  extreme clarity. The arm and neck sections are both adjustable for easy  movement.

Clamp sold separately R170.

The magnifying lamp provides magnification and glare-free light to  aid the therapist in detecting tiny imperfections when analyzing the  skin.

The use of the magnifying, lamp assures the client that his or her  skin is being examined thoroughly and, therefore, will receive the right treatment for the skin condition. The lamp is especially helpful when  extracting blackheads, whiteheads, and cleaning out pimples.

The magnifying, lamp is also used for the light it provides when the magnifying lens is not being used.

When the lamp is placed directly over the clients face for analysis  or removal of blackheads, whiteheads or the cleansing of pimples, the  client’s eyes must be protected with eye pads


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