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Fitted Headrest Cover 100’s


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Fitted Headrest Cover 100’s

Fitted Disposable Face Crest Covers are sewn into a horseshoe shape and elasticised to neatly cover a small to medium sized face crest cushion. The paper material has been through a high temperature treatment to guard against bacteria and it provides a disposable barrier between client and upholstery as part of an asepsis protocol. Pack Size: 50.

These disposable fitted headrest covers are perfect for all kinds of professionals from spas, clinics, tattoo shops & massage therapists.

The elastic band keeps for a secure fit onto U cradle allowing the cover to wrap the face cushion perfectly. These are 100% safe and sanitary to avoid cross contamination.

Non Woven Hypo Allergic Fabric.

Comes in a Professional box for easy access.

Easy to use and gets rid of unnecessary laundry.


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