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Disposable Water-Proof Bed Sheets 10 Pack


Disposable, lightweight, soft and foldable, easy and convenient to use.Waterproof, oil resistant, hygienic.

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Disposable Water-Proof Bed Sheets 10 Pack

Disposable Waterproof Table Covers are a rectangular overlay sheet 180cm long x 80cm wide. The poly backing protects against the ingress of moisture to your table, making it ideal for sporting events, waxing, henna treatments and everyday oil massages.

Disposable covers are great for the busy therapist to accommodate clients in quick succession. These paper covers reduce the expense and inconvenience of laundering and folding linen and are extremely convenient and hygienic for any practice. The breathable non-woven fabric also breaks down easily in the environment.

Size: 10 Pack 180cmx80cm


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